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Version 2.10 Updated 08/29/06


Note added 08/10/2011:DBXpress remains the best program for message recovery for Outlook Express messages. Some have asked if it has been updated, but it took several years to perfect, and OE has not been updated since, so it continues to work both for extracting from dbx files (even in Windows 7) and for extracting from the entire disk, when messages are lost from the files.

DBXpress is a faster, more accurate, and more powerful version of DBXtract. It requires that the .NET Framework version 2.0 be installed on the user's computer. The .NET Framework can be obtained from Windows Update or from CLICKING HERE .

DBXpress has the following features:

1. By virtue of a new, more abstract algorithm, DBXpress is more accurate than DBXtract and doesn't require frequent updating, as DBXtract does.

2. DBXpress is considerably more than twice as fast as DBXtract.

3. DBXpress lets one extract from multiple .dbx or .dbt files with a single click, and allows extracted messages to be segregated by originating folder.

4. DBXpress has search capabilities, so one can locate all .dbx and .dbt files on a single hard drive, including hidden files.

5. DBXpress can be run via command line invocation to allow for unattended extraction.

6. DBXpress can bypass a drive's file system and extract messages directly from the hard drive, enabling extraction of messages from deleted files, or from drives whose partition table has been damaged, or from drives that have been formatted.   No other program has this capability.


1. Using the extract from Disk function does not work in older operating systems (Win9x or WinMe), but only in newer operating systems (Win2000, WinXP, WinServer 2003, and Windows Vista). A hard drive from the older operating systems can be connected to a computer running one of the newer operating systems, and then the disk extraction will work.

2. The extract from Disk function uses a LOT of memory and processor time. It may fail on older computers that have low memory. In addition, extraction from very large (>100 MBytes) dbx files may fail for similar reasons.

3. Extraction will not currently work for mapped network drives. Extraction from CD drives has not been tested. For file extraction, the program will run much faster if the files are copied from the CD to the hard drive first.

4. Some Operating Systems have a limited file count capacity. Extracting from disk or from files with lots of messages could result in generating a "Too many files" error. If this happens, as a workaround, run the extraction again and move the files out of the output directory as they are extracted.

Version 1.00 Released 08/28/03

Version 1.10 Released 09/15/03 -- Fixed a number of small, but significant bugs

Version 1.20 Released 09/29/03 -- Fixed a number of small bugs and rewrote the code behind the Browse buttons

Version 1.30 Released 01/06/04 -- Fixed some small bugs and added the capability to select all files (not just dbx and dbt) in File mode

Version 1.40 Released 07/31/04 -- Fixed some small bugs with program crashing if paths not set, command line issues, and an issue where the end of a message might not be correctly restored.

Version 1.50 Released 06/15/05 -- Fixed the dropdown input box so it shows multiple identities. Fixed an out of memory error that occurred with very large files and disks and added a "Big File Mode" to handle files over 700 megabytes.

Version 2.10 Released 08/29/06 -- Updated to Version 2.0 of the .NET framework. Added fixes to a few minor bugs that occured during file output operations.


While this program is very successful, it cannot guarantee that you will recover lost messages. Chances are that if DBXtract found no messages in the files you are trying to extract from, it is quite unlikely that this program will succeed either.

However, extraction from a disk and bypassing the file system can result in recovery of messages when an entire dbx file has been deleted. There is no guarantee that any messages will be recovered, as some disk clusters containing the messages could have been overwritten.

Do not expect a refund if DBXpress is unable to recover the messages.


Special Offer
Regular Cost $ 49.95
Special Offer $ 26.95
Buy Now! Offer is limited.


The program is available for download and credit cards are accepted via PayPal.

To order a copy of the program, send $26.95 (check or money order) to:

S.L. Cochran, Ph.D.
P.O. Box 132
Lookout Mountain, TN 37350-0132

To order online, click the button below. Once notified of your order then you will receive an email with instructions on how to download the program (343 KBytes). Make sure your PayPal transaction email address is valid. If you do not receive an email confirmation with download instructions, then send an email to the oehelp.com address listed in your PayPal transaction.

Upgrades to registered users will be provided free of charge.

HAPPY CAMPERS -- What some customers have to say about DBXpress:


I really didn't think it was going to work, but it restored 10,000 of my personal emails that had been totally wiped out of Outlook Express. They weren't only moved and deleted, but nowhere to be found. This program pulled the emails off the hard drive and restored them. I didn't believe it until I saw it. It saved important saved emails from family and friends, and about my classic car restoration. Thanks. Well worth it! "
-- From the USA


Your product has just saved my Company a fortune. I have just retreived the
35,135 emails that Outlook Express managed to screw up.

I cannot thank you enough"
-- From the UK

"Your software is everything you said, and I hoped.  I have been using DBXtract for over a year and it's great, within obvious limitations.  Yesterday I recovered email from '98 using DBXpress."
-- From the USA

"I lost all of my email folders when I tried to move my outlook express file
store to a new location. My backup was a week old and I had important emails
that I'd just received! DBXpress enabled me to recover all of the emails not
on the backup - and this was off an NTFS partition, which many utilities
cannot read. Recovery was straightforward and when I did hit a couple of
problems, the support was first class. Steve responded to my email queries
quickly and comprehensively."
-- From the UK

"I just want to thank you for your program.  I had a hard drive starting to
fail and thought I'd saved my mail.  I had an huge amount of both personal
and business email that was incredibly important.  All attempts at recovery
were met with dismal failure.  I spent many sleepless nights trying to
recover my files.  I purchased your program and ran it on the old hard drive
and recovered everything.

I can't thank you enough for recovering my life and saving my hide  <g>"
-- From the USA

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