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NOTE: DBXtend has been superseded by the new program OEX You can still buy DBXtend if you wish, but please see the OEX website first.

Version 1.70 Updated 11/11/03


DBXtend is an enhancement of DBXtract that provides additional functionality.

DBXtend uses the same extraction engine as DBXtract. The following options are also available:

1. When saving by Subject, one can truncate the subject to a specified number of characters.
2. A Timestamp can be added to the filename after extraction to allow for sorting of the messages by Subject / Time of message in Windows Explorer.

Subsequent to extraction, one can then process the extracted files to:

1. Remove duplicate messages;
2. Save messages to plain text only and remove the HTML component of multipart messages;
3. Remove attachments from messages;
4. Save attachments from messages.

Once processing occurs, the messages can then be dragged back into a mail folder to reincorporate them into Outlook Express.

One can also view a list of messages, including the Subject, From, To, Newsgroups, Date, and Size and from that list:

1. View messages in an IE window with their message headers to allow for printing of the messages with the message header.
2. Selectively process messages selected in the View Window.
3. Save a list of selected messages as CSV (to allow importing into spreadsheet or database programs) or as HTML to allow viewing and printing the list.
4. Save selected messages as Unsent to allow for them to be sent again.

DBXtend also can make use of Command Line Parameters so it can be run automatically in unattended mode. Version 1.70 introduces a new parameter (/P) which will process files in the process path without extracting first. This allows a batch file to be generated such that the user can specify on one line using DBXpress (www.oehelp.com/DBXpress/ ) and then specifying DBXtend with the /P option to process the extracted files.

For more detailed information on the program's operations and additional screen shots, view the Compiled Help File (chm) for the program located here (CLICK ME) .


The program costs $30 (US), shipping and handling included.

Order Information

The program is now available for download and credit cards are accepted via PayPal.

To order a copy of the program, send $30 (check or money order) to:

S.L. Cochran, Ph.D.
P.O. Box 132
Lookout Mountain, TN 37350-0132

To order online, click the button below. Once notified of your order then you will recieve an email with instructions on how to download the program (4 megabytes).

Upgrades to registered users will be provided free of charge.


The author is greatly indebted to Majik for his continued valuable debugging assistance and suggestions during the period of development of this project.

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