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OEBackup (by Majik)

Last Updated 08/20/04

            Outlook Express Quick Backup (OEQB)


Starting OEFB
(First Use)

Outlook Express
Quick Backup




































Outlook Express Freebie Backup has been taken offline. I am making changes to the program and will reintroduce it at a later date. Meanwhile, Outlook Express Quick Backup will remain online. The intent of the program remains the same, to be able to backup a system's Outlook Express files and settings  in case of some unfortunate accident. It is not a program for transferring OE from computer to computer unless you wish to do a bit of editing, which can easily be done if you are savvy enough. If you just need to be able to transfer the DBX files to another computer, it of course will back them up so you can IMPORT then into the second system.


New Version - OEQB - v1.3.0.6 - 12/12/2004 - Fixed a bug where Regedit would add an extra \ to some of the .reg files. I can't fix regedit but can solve the extra slash in the file.

New version - 11/12/2004 - fixed folder path bug

New -- 08/20/04 Command line parameters added:

You can now automatically backup from the command line using the following options:

/O -- Overwrite previous backup automatically.
/A -- Automatically backup all identities.
/H -- Hide form when backing up.

Usage Example: OEQB /O /A /H
will automatically backup all Identities and hide the form while doing so.

If you have already installed previous versions of the programs, download the newest executable file and then replace the older one.

If you have not downloaded a previous version, then download the older install versions and the new executables and then after installation, replace the installed exe files with the newer downloads.

Current Version:

OEQB has an additional command line argument that can be used. /b:<drive>:\<path>

This will allow you to select a folder for the files or create it if it does not exist. This one must be used as the last argument:


oeqb.exe /o /a /h /b:C:\Backup

OEFB has expanded to include some additional features. While it is still a basic backup program, like the original version, it is useful for maintaining Outlook Express message stores and registry entries. It's appearance is not one that is "pretty", far from that, it's idea was to provide the utilities for a simple backup program and forget the idea of being pretty. So, please forgive it's ugliness, maybe one day I'll do a make over of it but that's not in the foreseeable future.

NOTE: You must have Administrative privileges or at least ability to have access to allow registry changes

Quick overview of features:

  • Complete Backup and Restore with just one button (each - ok, so it's two buttons)
  • Quick backup of current selected Identity.

Outlook Express 4 is not supported.


Outlook Express Quick Backup

OEQuick Backup   - the full installation with all support files.  (1.9 meg.)

OEQuick Backup  -  a partial installation where the user already has installed the Visual Basic 6 Runtimes. (825kb)

OEQuick Backup  - the executable file only. Download this if you have installed the previous versions. (40kb)


Source code is not available.

OEQB is free. It may not be sold or used for promotional purposes (not added to company's CD, etc), but may be distributed freely in its present form. If you wish to link to this program, link only to the web site http://www.oehelp.com as the program changes and may change filenames.
The program is Copyright  2003--2005 © David Guess and all rights are reserved under international agreements. "


Donations are accepted, and they may be sent without implied obligation to :

S.L. Cochran, Ph.D.
P.O. Box 132
Lookout Mountain, TN 37350

You may also donate now via PayPal:

All donations for OEBackup will be given to the author, Majik (David Guess). For mailed donations, please indicate that these are for OEBackup.

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