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Message Store

When the program starts, the source path of the dbx files for each Outlook Express Identity is loaded into the drop down combobox. One can switch between Identity directories by selecting the various items.


Once the Identity path is selected, the program loads the list of dbx files that correspond to OE folders into the listbox.

To associate a sound or an htm file with a given file, click on the checkbox next to the filename. A dialog box will open asking for the sound (WAV files) or HTML (HTML files) to associate with the dbx file being written to. To show the HTML file option, click on the "files of type" drop down box and select HTML Files.


The engage button activates the association of the dbx files with the sound or html files. This can be tested by going to the appropriate Outlook Express folder and then exiting it, which then causes the file to be written to and the sound should then play, or the html file should be then displayed.

Tip: To generate both a visual and sound notification, place a BGSOUND element that references a WAV file in the html file.

Save Settings

This button will store the various files and associated sound or html files in the registry, so that the next time the program is opened, the settings will persist.

Hide Form

This button will hide the form and an the program icon will then appear in the system tray. Right clicking on the icon will display a context menu allowing one to show the form again, or exit the program.


Selecting these options and clicking the Save Settings button, will then dictate how the program is run when it starts. The hide on start option will not show the form at startup, but rather the icon will sit in the system tray at startup. Engage on start will automatically engage the association between writing to the folders and playing the sound or displaying the html file at startup.

If one wishes to run the program when the computer starts, a shortcut to the program can be dragged into the Start Menu | Programs | Startup location

OETune is Copyright 2003, 2004 Stephen L. Cochran, Ph.D. -- All rights reserved