Starting Outlook Express Freebie Backup

When you first start OEFB,  create a backup folder to store the files. From the Tools menu, select Make A New Backup Folder.

There are three options available.

  1.  Make A New Backup Folder
  2. Open Backup Folder
  3. Set Existing Folder As Backup


Make A New Backup Folder

The first option will allow you to create a new folder to place the backup files.

First, select the drive you wish the folder to be placed on if you have multiple drives.

Press the button.

On the dialog box that appears, type in the name of the folder you wish to create.

Then press the button.

If you press the button, no folder will be created.

Once you create the folder, the path list to the folder will show in the Backup Folder line.

Press the to make this folder the backup folder.

The backup folder is now set. If you wish to change it later, just go back thru these steps again to create a new folder.

Press the button to return to the main OEFB window.

The backup folder will now show on the main OEFB window.


Using Existing Folder As Backup Folder

If you already have a folder created you wish to use, select  Set Existing Folder As Backup

A Browse dialog will appear where you can navigate to the existing folder.

Once the folder is selected, press button and you will be taken back to the main OEFB window and the backup folder will appear on the main window.


The third option (item #2 in the list) will open the folder selected.


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